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Borrow from Other Libraries

If you can't find an item you want at the Sharon Public Library, there are several other options you can try:

Old Colony Library Network (OCLN)

Search for the item through our consortium of 28+ member libraries. You can place a hold on many of the items available at other libraries in the network and have them delivered to the OCLN library of your choice. This service is free and available to any patron with a valid library card.

Commonwealth Catalog

Through Massachusetts' Commonwealth Catalog, you can search for materials in participating public and academic libraries throughout the state. As above, you can request delivery to an OCLN library of your choice. This service is free and available to any patron with a valid library card.

Suggest a Purchase

If we don't have an item but you think we should, fill out a request online and we will do our best to accommodate.

Try Our Electronic Resources

Many full-text popular magazines and journals are available through our databases, and we have a wide assortment of ebooks for all your reference or academic needs.

Interlibrary Loan: Borrowing Outside of OCLN

If you have exhausted the above methods and still cannot find the item you want, we can try to locate and obtain it through interlibrary loan, which involves searching the collections of other libraries throughout the country. To use interlibrary loan, please fill out the form below.

If you need more than one interlibrary loan item, make sure to submit a separate request for each title.

There might be fees associated with obtaining items through interlibrary loan services. If you are unwilling to pay fees, please indicate this in your form, with the understanding that we might not be able to fill your request.

Interlibrary Loan Form:
* Name:
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Email Address:
* Title:
* Acceptable Formats
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Books    Large Print    CD    Audiocassette    DVD    VHS    Microform    Other (please specify below) 
* Other Format:   
Year of Publication:
This edition only?: Yes    No   
Willing to use in library only?: Yes    No   
Willing to pay postage?: No    Up to $5.00    $6 to $10    $11+   
Willing to pay loan fee?: No    Up to $5.00    $6 to $10    $11+   
* Please use this box to provide us with any additional information you may have to assist us in locating your item::
Not Needed After This Date (Please allow at least 10 days for delivery):