A black-and-white photograph of a person shopping for books with the text: Consumer & Home Arts Databases

Consumer Reports
  • Dedicated to allowing consumers to make better purchasing decisions via product reviews and ratings, in-depth advice and tips, and the latest in consumer news
  • For Sharon Public Library cardholders

Culinary Arts
  • Articles from over 250 major cooking and nutrition magazines, as well as content from books such as About Wine, Introduction to Catering, Eat Fit Be Fit, and more

Gardening, Landscape, & Horticulture
  • Information about plant species' biology, floral arranging, landscape design tips, development of landscape contracts, guides about pruning and garden maintenance, urban landscape planning, conservation research, use of computer graphics in landscape design, indigenous plant species, and more

Home Improvement
  • Articles from over 200 home improvement-focused titles on subjects including architectural techniques, building design, decorating, holiday and party planning, home maintenance, interior and exterior painting, roofing, room updates, project management tips, tool and material selection, and zoning requirements

Hospitality, Tourism, & Leisure
  • Allows for study of all areas of the hospitality industry, the cultural aspects of travel and leisure activities, and the economic impact of tourism, as well as information about state parks and vacation planning
  • Offers full-text travel guides from Fodor's and Hunter Publishing

MA Office of Economic Empowerment
  • Resource formed by a partnership between OEE and Massachusetts libraries
  • Research, articles, digital collections, books and ebooks, and more available to cardholders of any MA library