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Step 1: Plan

If you want to start a new business, your first step is to write your business plan. A business plan is a written document that describes your vision, analyzes your targeted market and any associated challenges, outlines your sales and marketing strategies, and calculates what will be required financially to succeed. Not only can a good business plan improve and refine your concept, it can also help to keep your business on track once you get started.

Your business plan should include these main elements:
  1. An executive summary. This summarizes your business idea and overall vision and is arguably the most important part of the overall plan, especially if you are seeking investors.
  2. A business overview. This comprises a profile of the company and the industry it will serve. Research industry trends and outlooks, and consider how your business will fit into and/or serve these elements.
  3. A marketing analysis. This details your sales and marketing strategies. Include information about your product or service, your intended customers, and how you intend to make consumers aware of your business.
  4. A financial plan. This lays out the current financial state of your business and what kind of funding will be necessary as you move forward.
  5. A management plan. This describes the organizational structure of your business and discusses the expertise or experience of you and/or your team.

Find more information, guidance, and examples of business plans:  

Step 2: License and Register

Regardless of what type of business structure you choose, you will need to obtain the proper licenses or permits and to file the necessary paperwork to legalize your venture. Here are some resources to help:
  • Mass.gov's guide on Starting Your Business includes links on registering your business, filing your company's taxes, state hiring and management policies, regulations and licensing, and more.

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