What is an Alzheimer's Memory Kit?
Alzheimer’s Memory kits contain several types of activities to help you work with a person who has any form of memory impaired dementia.  The purpose of these kits is to help you determine the mental capacity and level of functioning in the person with dementia.

The activities in the kits range from easy to use sensory kits, puzzles, large print decks of cards with a game table, imagination pattern building kits, easy sing along music CDs, respite DVD videos of common daily activities to building and tactile stimuli kits. 

There are three kits ready for you to check out of the library with your library card.  Two kits are intermediate functioning and one kit is for low-functioning levels.   We also have DVDs, music CDs and books available such as the Teepa Snow DVD series.  (Teepa Snow is a dementia and Alzheimer's care expert who trains and helps agencies, facilities, and families.) 
The kits are located on the upper floor just as you enter the quiet study room beyond the Reference Desk.