Summer Reading Program 2021
Summer Reading has begun! Join Miss Allison and Ms. Mary Claire for a summer of Tails and Tales-themed programs celebrating animals and stories. We'll be using Beanstack once again for keeping track of reading minutes and logging activities. Register today to get started! Once you start reading, you can submit reviews of books that you have read. Reading and different activities, including those reading logs, will earn you tickets that you can enter into raffles for prizes at the end of the summer. The more you read and the more Tails and Tales activities you do, the  more chances you have to win. If you read with someone at a library program, that counts as your reading too!!  Edited.

What's Going On This Summer

Frequently Asked Questions
Summer Reading 2021
What ages can participate?
The Summer Reading Program is for 1st-12th graders. Younger children can do the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Challenge, which runs all year.

How long does it run?
Summer reading goes from June 21 to September 6.

If I listen to an audiobook, does that count as my reading?
Absolutely! Reading comes in so many different forms - standard print books, graphic novels, ebooks, audiobooks, and more. Whatever way or ways you love to read and enjoy books, you can count them all. Reading books at a library program, like a story time, also counts!

When are the prizes drawn?
You have until September 10 to submit your tickets into the raffles, and then prizes will be drawn after that.

What counts for earning tickets?
There's so many opportunities available to earn tickets! For each 100 minutes you read, you'll earn a badge on Beanstack, which earns you tickets. You can also earn tickets for attending library programs, as well as doing Tails and Tales-themed activities, like looking for animals and critters on a nature walk. Writing reviews (pictures count!) also earns you tickets, and you can help other kids find good books to read.

I've never used Beanstack, how do I get started?
Head to the library page on Beanstack - You can sign up for either the Summer Reading Program or 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten. You'll log on to your account each time you want to log your reading or activities. Daycare classrooms can participate too! 

What special programs will the library run for the summer?
We have so many awesome programs going from story times to paint nights. Check out the Events Calendar on the website or pick up a monthly calendar inside the library.

Do I have to be registered for the Summer Reading Program to attend library programs?
No, you don't have to be registered, but you'll earn tickets by attending programs, so you should register!

I did a bunch of activities and read a littel, but I didn't quite meet my 1,000 minutes goal, can I still submit my tickets for prizes?
Of course! The goal is to keep reading all summer - and reading jsut 20 minutes a day will get you MORE than 1,000 minutes - but all reading is a celebration. Whatever tickets you earn this summer you can use, but you can definitely read all 1,000 and complete the challenge!  

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