It's the inaugural PEEPS Literary Diorama contest

Check out a package of PEEPS from the library between June 11th and June 18th, and create a literary-themed diorama. Return it by June 19th to participate in the contest! Voting will take place between June 19th and June 21st, with top vote-getters winning fun prizes from local businesses, thanks to the generosity and support of the Friends of the Sharon Public Library.

Register for your package of PEEPS here:

Zentangles Art Class with Lara Smith

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns, known as "tangles." You create tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S-curves and orbs. These patterns are drawn onto small pieces of paper called "tiles," which can be assembled into mosaics.

Zentangle art is non-representational and unplanned so you can focus on each stroke and not worry about the result. There is no up or down to Zentangle art. If fact, you can most easily create Zentangle art by rotating your tile as you tangle--always keeping your hand in a relaxed position. You don't need to know what a tangle is going to look like to draw it. You just need to know the steps. The result is a delightful surprise. Tuesday, June 12th, 6:30-8:30 pm

National Historic Landmarks are touchstones of our collective past that still resonate with our present. The 6 New England states have nearly 400 such places. In addition to historic houses and tall ships, HISTORIC NEW ENGLAND examines such quirky spots as the country's oldest weather stations, carousels, and sandy beaches.

Authors Patricia Harris and David Lyon are authors of more than 30 books on travel, food, and art. Come hear this presentation which will appeal to the historical enthusiast, the armchair traveler, and both local visitors and tourists alike!  Tuesday, June 26th from 7-8pm.

Veteran's Club

Please join the Veteran's Club on Monday June 11th from 10-12 noon in the Library Community Room to view and discuss the film "Glory".   All are welcome. Refreshments

Following the Battle of Antietam, Col. Robert Gould Shaw (Matthew Broderick) is offered command of the United States' first all-African-American regiment, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. With junior officer Cabot Forbes (Cary Elwes), Shaw puts together a strong and proud unit, including the escaped slave Trip (Denzel Washington) and the wise gravedigger John Rawlins (Morgan Freeman). At first limited to menial manual tasks, the regiment fights to be placed in the heat of battle.

New DVDs

New on DVD: March 2018
Looking for something great to watch? Check out our New on DVD list, a compilation of movies and tv shows that were recently added to our collection!