New Library Documents

New Library Documents

Structural Engineering Reports - Carnegie Library Building

January 2020 - ROOME & GUARRACINO, LLC Consulting Structural Engineers - examined the current condition of the structural issues of the library.  "The main beam load-bearing capacity is 60 lbs. per square foot and the load capacity of the rafters is 100 lbs. per square foot".  Libraries require 150 lbs per square foot load-bearing capacity. 

August 2018 - Board of Trustees, Structural Engineers, Mass Board of Library Commissioners, and Town Officials consulted individually on structural, roof and skylight leaks, hazardous materials and drainage problems in the current library. 

July 2018 - Town of Sharon library construction funding moved to #2 on the list of towns to be funded. 

March 2018 - ROOME & GUARRACINO, LLC Consulting Structural Engineers - Carnegie Library load-bearing capacity further reduced to 60 lbs. per square foot load-bearing capacity.  Main beam breakage, further depression and discovery of 1979 removal of supporting lally column during lower level entry renovation.  The 14-foot main beam was placed on the cinder block wall.  (Report)

September 2014 - HEMANT MEHTA, P. E. CONSULTING ENGINEER STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING * COST ESTIMATES * FACILITY PLANNING * ENGINEERING REPORTS  - Carnegie Library load-bearing capacity of 150 lbs. per square foot reduced in Carnegie Library due to main beam breakage and depression (Report)  

Sharon Public Library Construction Grant Award Letter

Sharon Public Library Award Letter 

Sharon Public Library Grant

Sharon Public Library Construction Grant:  This grant details the information about the current building, the current site and the new site for the proposed new Sharon Public Library.  Your questions, comments and concerns about the materials and services you would like in a new library have been incorporated and approved by the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Board.