History of Music Therapy in Veteran Services

Monday, September 12 @ 10:00 - 12 noon

In 1945, the U.S. War Department developed a program using music to recondition service members recuperating in Army hospitals. In this program, music was used in several therapeutic settings, including recreation, education, occupational therapy and physical reconditioning.  Please join Board Certified Music Therapist Ben Pernick as he explains how music therapy is used to help veterans. Library Community Room.  The presenter will be virtual.  

The Roots of Popular Music and Acknowledging Veterans in Song with Jon Waterman

Monday, October 17 @ 10:00 - 12 noon

Please join the SPL Veteran's Club as they present Musical Historian Jon Waterman. This is a live performance.

In his new Program, "The Roots of Popular Music and Acknowledging Veterans in Song", Jon supplements his previous well-received program with an exploration, through songs, of some of the experiences and sacrifices of veterans through American history. The new program will consist of songs and stories about the origins of the blues, rock and country music, along with songs pertaining to the experiences of veterans during or following World War I, World War II, Vietnam and other conflicts. The program, which features an accompanying slideshow, will also include a brief history of military music in the U.S.

This program is free and open to everyone.  Refreshments.

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