Printing, Copying, Scanning, Faxing


Public Computer Use and Printing


The Library has installed a new printer/copier machine with new print management software that queues print jobs. Patrons may pay by cash or credit/debit card. Instructions are posted at each computer and at the payment kiosk.


The system requires user authentication for computer access and print job retrieval. User authentication offers privacy and protection for your information on a public computer. Logging off immediately restarts the computer, erasing any documents and login credentials inadvertently left on the computer during your session.


  • Sharon cardholders will use their library card number to log in to a computer. Patrons who do not have their card, and do not know their number, will be given a Guest Pass.
  • Non-Sharon cardholders may request a Guest Pass at the Reference Desk.

Authentication also ensures that your print jobs are retrievable only by you.

  • Print and photocopy charges remain the same:
    • Black & White: $0.20 per page/side
    • Color: $0.30 per page/side

Faxing - available at no charge 


Scanning to Email - unavailable pending software installation


Wireless Printing - unavailable pending software installation