Picture Book Lists

Find new favorites with these curated book lists addressing different topics

Everyday Diversity:

Check out these lists to find books with diverse characters and stories.

Neuro/Physical Diversity

Diverse Families

Gender and Sexuality

Diverse Experiences

Culturally Affirming 


Tough Topics:

It can be hard to explain difficult situations to kids. The picture books in these lists are great tools to help children through tough moments in life and/or help them build empathy for others. 

Mental Health


Grief and Death

Medical Conditions in Adults


General Interest:

These booklists cover popular topics families often ask for

Fairy Tales and Folklore


Character Building


More lists are on the way! Miss Rachael will be adding more lists on a monthly basis. Have a topic not listed for which you would like suggested titles? Email rsavage@sharon.ocln.org 

Nonfiction Book Lists

Coming Soon!

Chapter Book Lists

Find new favorites with these curated book lists focused on different genres and topics.


Check out these lists to find book suggestions according to genre.


Animal Stories

Historical Fiction

Horror/Scary Fiction

Science Fiction


Coming soon: updated Realistic Fiction recommendations lists


Everyday Diversity

Check out these lists to find suggestions for books with diverse characters and stories.

LGBTQ+ Fiction

Hispanic/Latinx Fiction

Native American/Indigenous Fiction

More coming soon!


Fandom Lists:

If you like Pokemon...

If you like dragons (including Wings of Fire)...

Graphic Novel Lists

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