Do you want to show off your creativity?

Display artwork or a collection in our display case!

Cartoon Giraffe and Elephant drawing We are excited to open up our children's display case to  young artists and collectors! If you would like to display things you've made or collected, fill out this form to join the waitlist. 








Here is all you need to know about displaying your work in our children's display case: 

Be sure to look over our display policy.

What can I display?

Sloth drawing with question mark over headAny art you have made. Drawings, paintings, crafts, jewlery, Lego, scultures, ect. If you made it, we'd love to help you show it off! Or do you have a collection of stamps, action figures, pokemon cards, or something else cool? Show them off to the community. 


Our display case has two shelves that can hold items that are under 1 foot tall. Typically about 6 items fit in the case. 




What if I have multiple types of things I want to display? 

cartoon octopus holding lego, pencil, pottery, and a friendship bracelet You can display a mix of things, as long as they all fit in the display case. If you have many hobbies and would like to show a few items form each, that is okay. We want to make sure every one has a chance to display what they made, so you can only display your collection once a year. 





How long will my display be up?

Toucan holding LegoEach collection will be displayed for one month. When it is your turn, the children's librarian will reach out to you to schedule a time for you to set up your display and a time for you to take it down at the end of the month. 






Will my things be safe?

cartoon whale holding snowglobeYes. The safety of your wonderful creations and/or neat collection is very important to us. The display case will always be locked when a collection is inside of it. This is why it is very important that you come pick up your collection on the last day of your display, we do not have another safe place to store it once the next collection is displayed. 





Still have questions?

Emaill Youth Services Librarian Rachael at 


This Month's Display

Miss Allison and Miss Rachael's Creations

To show off our display case, children's librarians Miss Allison and Miss Rachael are displaying some of their creations. Sign up to put your art on display both in the children's room and here on our website! 



Water color painting of purple and blue jellyfish
by Miss Allison

Fairy Houses

Mixed Media

painted flowerpot that looks like house and mushroom house made out of paper
by Miss Rachael 

Rainbow Over the Sea


Water color of ocean and rainbow
by Miss Allison

Pompom Pals


Frog, bunny, and gray cat pompoms
by Miss Rachael 

Mountains by Sunset


painting of mountains and sunset
by Miss Allison

A Stormy Sky

Embroidery on Burlap

Sailboat and clouds embordered on burlap
by Miss Allison 



Acrylic Paint

handprints in rainbow paint
by Miss Alison


Story Time Fire

Tissue Paper and Cardboard

Pretend fire made of tissue paper and cardboard
by Miss Rachael