Text reads "Sharon Day Storywalk with the Sharon Public library" illustrations of leaves

While You Read

Early Literacy Tips

Talk about what your little one sees in each image. What are the leaves making? 

Practice making the sounds of any animals mentioned in the book. 

Talk about the fruits and veggies in the book. Ask you little one if they like to eat them.

Point out the repated phrase in the book: "Well Leaf Man’s got to go where the wind blows." Say it together with your little one. 

Talk about the leaves you see around you as you walk and read.

Collect leaves in your craft bag and assemble your own leaf man when you get home.

After You Read

Keep Exploring

When you make the craft with your little one, encourage them to create any leaf shape they want. Talk about what they saw on the book pages for inspiration. 

As you explore Sharon Day, point out all the environmental text (signs, flyers, etc.) and read them out to your little one. 

Hunt for the letter "S" on different signs together. How many can you count? 

Learn more about leaves on Encyclopedia Britannica

Do an experiment at home to learn about why some leaves change color in the fall. 

Come to the library to check out some fall books!